TV on Your Terms

We love TV but we hate bills full of strange fees, restrictive contracts and confusing bundle discounts. So we figured out the very best way to make it great and cost less.



The Cheapest Way to Watch TV

Forbes reported that 2.9 million people dumped pay TV for good in 2018. Unfortunately, for most of us the cheapest way to watch TV is not super easy to set up on your own. It certainly can be done, but without professional help it might not save you much money in the long run. Why?…

Money Math for Potential Cord Cutters

We love money math! On Tuesday we installed our complete cord cutting package for a couple living north of Denver.  Their combined bill for TV, Internet and home phone was $280.83 per month.  By the time we left, their entire monthly TV and internet bill was $76.67, including tax. That is a monthly savings of…

Comcast, Dish, AT&T to raise prices to counter cord cutting

As more and more people cut the cord, payTV will raise prices.  It is a self fulfilling prophecy!  This also means that the longer you wait to cut the cord, the more you will pay.  New cord cutting technology makes it possible for you to enjoy the same programming for much less without making drastic…