Cord Cutting Done Right

Cord cutting can be confusing and overwhelming. freeTVee provides professional cord cutting installation and training services for unhappy customers of cable and satellite. If you want to save the most and watch the most then you have come to the right place.

By installing the best networking equipment and HD antenna technology, freeTVee ensures a smooth transition from oppressive cable and satellite bills to a universe of content and lifetime of savings.

Do You Need Professional Help To Pay Less for TV?

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Evolution of the Universal TV Remote

In the picture above you can see my old universal remote and my new universal remote. The old one has so many buttons (55) that it will make your head spin. And that button count does not even include all the options that come up on the LED screen. Needless to say, when guests came…

Ford v Ferrari

With so much to watch as a cord cutter, it is very rare that I go to the movie theater anymore. But I did go and see Ford V Ferrari, staring Matt Damon and Christian Bale. Why? In my humble opinion the AC Shelby Cobra is one of the finest cars to ever grace the…

DIY Sacrifices Not Necessary

At freeTVee, we will not lie to you. If you want to cut the cord from cable and satellite then you can do it yourself. But be warned, its not easy to cut the cord while getting the most channels and saving the most money. In fact, many DIY cord cutters barely save any money…