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Award Winning Service

With freeTVEE, it all starts with a phone consultation.  Each and every one of our 2000+ customers has spent at least fifteen minutes on the phone with us.  During this call, we learn everything we can about how you watch TV and use the internet.  Then we make cost saving recommendations based on your entertainment and financial goals.  

In most cases, your cord cutting needs will be met by one of our packages; however, we are flexible in our recommendations because every family is different.  Some families have seven TVs and multiple surround sound systems while other families only watch a few shows on the living room TV.

Once you decide to have freeTVEE cut your cord, we will send out our installers who have spent several weeks in personal training with the owners.  These installers will have all the tools, knowledge and equipment needed to get the job done right.  If you were to buy all the necessary tools and software yourself, you would spend over $500 and never use them again.


Save the Most Money


Did you know that most homes in the United States are close enough to FCC broadcast towers to get FREE antenna signals. These high definition signals include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, CW and up to 60 additional channels?  Did you also know that $15 – $25 of your cable or satellite bill pays for these same channels you can get for free. So, if you have cable or satellite then you are essentially paying twice for the most popular stations in the United States.  You pay via taxes and you pay via “retransmission fees” to your cable or satellite provider. At freeTVEE we don’t think you should pay twice for the same thing.

Of course, not all homes and homeowners are a good match for an HD antenna.  That is why our cord cutting solutions also include low cost, high quality internet / streaming only option.  Your internet service provider may try to sell you the highest speed possible to service all your internet connected devices but that is often just a cheap sales tactic.  freeTVEE makes sure that your home wi-fi network is optimized so you and your family can stream to your heart’s content for less money every month.

Flexible Channel Selection

98% of the channels you want are available through the antenna or live streaming services.  In our area, the only channels not currently available for cord cutters is AT&T Sports and Altitude Sports.  We believe this content will be available soon to cord cutters; however, if this content is super important to you then you will need to keep paying through the nose to get it.

Besides all the major broadcasters, here is just a small list of channels you can get in HD when you become a cord cutter:  Fox News, HGTV, ESPN, Disney, Discovery, History Channel, Fox Sports, FX, AMC, USA, TNT, TBS and many, many more.

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Easy to Use


One remote.  One home screen for all your video content.  All you need to do is turn on the TV and start watching whatever suits your mood. No need to worry about switching inputs on your TV to go back and forth between live TV and Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

We Work, You Save

Since freeTVEE started in 2011, we have been in countless attics, on top of thousands of roofs and met our fair share of spiders in crawl spaces.  We have tested every HD Antenna, DVR, Wi-Fi router and streaming media player you have heard of…and many that you have not.  We even convinced a friend to go to China and look into manufacturing a streaming media player for us…it was way too expensive for our small business.

We are happy to pass all this knowledge onto you so that you can enjoy the freedom of being a cord cutter.  When we arrive at your house to cut the cord, you can sit back, relax and we will take care of everything.  We look forward to saving you money and making you happy.  Out average customer saves $7000+ after 5 years!



Save your Time, Money & Sanity.  Hire freeTVEE and get it done right the first time!