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We can all agree that TV should be cheaper. Your tax dollars actually help fund freely available HD digital antenna signals. And every month big Pay TV charges you for it. George Washington would be appalled.

At freeTVee we found a better way to get all your favorite shows and channels while getting rid of unfair TV fees and TV taxes. It takes a little work but it is 100% legal and could save you $1500 a year on TV and Internet.

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We Love Consumer Reports

We love Consumer Reports. An important part of any capitalist democracy is freedom of the press. Without freedom of the press, large corporations would find it even easier to take advantage of their customers. Make no mistake about it…Consumer Reports is a vital publication for us all and we highly encourage every American to either…

The Cheapest Way to Watch TV

Forbes reported that 2.9 million people dumped pay TV for good in 2018. Unfortunately, for most of us the cheapest way to watch TV is not super easy to set up on your own. It certainly can be done, but without professional help it might not save you much money in the long run. Why?…

Money Math for Potential Cord Cutters

We love money math! On Tuesday we installed our complete cord cutting package for a couple living north of Denver.  Their combined bill for TV, Internet and home phone was $280.83 per month.  By the time we left, their entire monthly TV and internet bill was $76.67, including tax. That is a monthly savings of…