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Wondering about freeTVEE and what exactly we do? freeTVEE is a top Cord Cutting resource that helps you find the BEST free and legal option(s) to drop or reduce your Cable or Satellite bill, yet still get everything you want out of your TV & Entertainment setup! All of our Solutions are FREE ($0 a month forever) & our most popular option even gives you the part of Pay TV that you like (Top Shows, HD, DVR, TV Guide, TV Everywhere, On Demand), without the part you hate. Our personalized advice and assistance for Cord Cutters and Cord Shavers, assures that you make the right decision for your specific situation, making your transition to Free TV inexpensive, quick and painless! We recognize that everyone’s situation & needs are different, so we recommend solutions specific to your needs. Your Pay TV provider doesn’t care about your needs, they only offer packages with 500 channels you don’t want, for hundreds of dollars every month… The monopoly that is Pay TV is Expensive and Restrictive, plus it boasts the Worst Customer Satisfaction rates in ANY industry?!? If you look at our motto, we strive to be exactly opposite of Pay TV, offering a Free, Flexible and Friendly alternative to Cable & Satellite.

freeTVEE gives you the part of Cable & Satellite that you like (top shows, HD, DVR, TV Guide, TV everywhere, On Demand), without the part you hate. We offer a Free-Flexible-Friendly alternative to paying over $1,000 every year for Pay TV. Contact Us now for more info or a free consultation!

freeTVEE provides FREE Solutions that give you free and legal TV and Home Entertainment content on any TV or device by combining Live Network HD TV with Internet TV, and add in for FREE: a DVR, a robust TV guide, tons of On Demand content, full internet access, unlimited apps, plus all of your music, home videos & pictures.  We provide a robust and easy to use solution that gives you What you want to watch, When and Where you want to watch it.  The key is we organize all the stuff you love in a Robust yet Easy To Use interface, and add in an awesome companion remote control so that everyone in the family can enjoy all their favorite TV & Entertainment content!

freeTVEE also helps you save in many other ways. We are a top resource for anything from Telecom to Electronics, Free TV to Internet TV, or Hardware to Software-we cover it all!