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Why pay Cable & Satellite $1000’s every year, to be treated horribly?!? Pay TV providers like Comcast, DirecTV & Dish only care about taking your hard earned money & have the worst customer service record in ANY industry (see their 1 star ratings here).

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I have a better system (than Pay TV) and I don’t pay a monthly fee. I record whatever TV I want and skip the commercials, they also set up easy access to my pictures and music. The system is very simple to use, Brian is very knowledgeable & has great customer service.

Paid my last cable bill ever last week, all thanks to freeTVEE. Didn’t know quite what I was getting into at first, and Brian helped me – from two time zones away – with every single step. He built me a custom HTPC and led me from shipped box on my doorstep to connected HTPC.

Wow!  We are so excited to have found FreeTVEE. We are saving a boatload of money over cable and direct TV. In fact once your system is in, there are NO monthly fees. We are watching our favorite shows, including HGTV and my husband is getting the football games he loves to watch. Thanks, Brian. This is all you said it would be and more!  We are recommending you to all our friends.

I’ve had the freeTVEE for 4 months now and watching TV on this thing is fantastic. I’ve looked at buying Smart TV’s, but nothing compares to a freeTVEE HTPC – for a fraction of the price.

Brian did an fantastic job! I am now enjoying free TV. Cable TV has become so expensive that I could not afford it and thought I would have to go without my favorite pastime until my family told me about freeTVEE!

It is a pleasure working with Brian at freeTVEE. I highly recommend freeTVEE – they are professional and responsive.

I tried a Channel Master DVR+ to start and it didn’t work, returned it & switched over to 2 freeTVEE Media Center PCs and not only is it much better in every respect but it works great for the entire family! I highly recommend the freeTVEE Multi-media PC as an excellent choice to replace your existing cable or satellite service provider.

We have had our freeTVEE system for 6 months & have never been more satisfied with our home entertainment options. freeTVEE offers a full suite of services including installation and mapping your network devices. My wife and I both agree that this was money well spent, and highly recommend that people who want to un-tether themselves from the shackles of cable and satellite to call freeTVEE!