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How Do We Save You Money on TV?

Each household is unique, so first you need to tell us how you watch TV. Then you can vent your frustrations about your current Pay TV provider. Once we learn these important details, then we will make suggestions on how to get your shows for free or much cheaper. You can then make a decision about the best path forward. If you are super tech savvy and don’t mind spending hours on your roof or in your crawlspace, then you can do it yourself. Be warned, saving this much money is not easy and that is why we are in business.

$1000 Savings Guarantee

We are confident that we can help most people save over $1000 on their TV bundles per year. In some rare cases we can’t make that happen and we will figure out, together, a discount, credit or refund that equals $100.

New Viewing Experiences

We don’t want to give you just a simple alternative to your current TV provider. We will get you all the major and minor channels, both broadcast and cable. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. We can set you up with Pluto and TuneIn radio. Our installers will introduce you to a world of free options. And if you decide to pay for some content services, you will be able to cancel anytime. This new world has no contracts!

No Contracts Means You Save More

Do you want HBO just for Game of Thrones? Easy. Just subscribe for two months and then cancel. If you only care about Hallmark Channel, then why pay for a whole cable package? Just subscribe to the Hallmark App for $4.99 per month. If one provider of premium cable channels raises their prices, then just switch to another one. If this seem a little intimidating, don’t worry – the remote only has 11 buttons on it.