“That picture is amazing!”

Nearly three thousand freeTVee customers love their antenna installed by freeTVee. The technology changed in the last decade and you will not believe that it is free. A properly mounted, whole home antenna will provide you with a consistent and crystal clear picture from all the major broadcast networks.

Local & National News, Sports, Shows, Live Events…

Denver 7 ABC. NBC Channel 9. Channel 4 CBS. FOX 31. PBS. Channel 2 CW. And 40+ more channels including GRIT, ION, COZI, MyTV, METV and many, many more.

No More Fees

Every month on your pay TV provider charges you for these channels and you pay even more to get them in HD. That’s crazy because with a properly installed antenna you can get them for free, guaranteed by the FCC, all in stunning HD.

No Signal Loss. Guaranteed.

Our certified antenna installers will put your antenna in the optimal location so you never need to worry about the weather or losing signal. It is far more reliable than your mobile phone coverage.

Brilliant HD Signal  on Major Broadcast Channels for FREE


The antenna only gets you local major networks. It does not get you traditional cable channels like ESPN, HGTV, History, MSNBC and hundreds of others. These cable channels must be streamed over the internet. freeTVee specializes in creating integrated, antenna and internet TV experiences by using only the highest quality consumer electronics. If you need a real channel guide and like to pause live TV, you need to integrate.