EEasy Integration Cable Box Replacement

  • A complete substitute for the old Cable box rental-X1, Hopper or Genie
  • No monthly Fees for DVR, extra rooms, broadcast or HD
  • Includes Streaming Media Box & network DVR for antenna integration
    • Integrated remote with TV volume & power
    • Grid channel guide
    • Pause TV, Record series & skip commercials
    • Voice search
    • Easy access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, etc.

No More Fees-free means free!

freeTVee eliminates DVR, HD and extra box fees. No more broadcast TV or regional sports fees. Equipment rental fees will be completely eliminated-you own it!

Pause, rewind, record, guide and voice search

Easy to Use

If you want a TV experience with one universal remote, a grid channel guide, DVR and pause live TV features-then you need integration. No need to ever use your TV remote or change TV inputs, we make it simple!  At freeTVee we tested hundreds of consumer electronics and streaming services, searching for the best full featured, fully integrated cord cutting solution that beats pay TV in price and flexibility-we already found it for you…