Integration Features

Pay TV came up with a lot of great integration features over the years. They gave us universal remotes, DVRs and the ability to pause live TV. Recently they even added voice search. If these kind of advanced features are important to you then you need seamless integration of antenna and WiFi.

freeTVee Integration

At freeTVee we tested hundreds of consumer electronics and streaming services, searching for the best full featured, fully integrated cord cutting solution that beats pay TV in price and flexibility. These devices, installed correctly by pros, will free you forever from high prices.

No More Fees

freeTVee eliminates DVR, HD fand extra box fees. No more regional sports fees. Equipment rental fees will be gone. In fact, by the time our professional installers your monthly fees will be reduced by 95%.

Take It With You

If you love your AntStream solution as much as everyone else then take it with you. When you get to your new location, plug it into the TV, hook it up to the WiFi and get back to watching your shows and movies.

Pause, rewind, record, guide and voice search

Easy to Use

If you want a TV experience with one universal remote, an electronic program guide, DVR and pause live TV features, then you need integration. An antenna by itself will only get you live, real time feeds with no additional features. The antenna by itself serves those customers who don’t need advanced, integrated features.