freeTVEE is an official reseller for both TiVo & Tablo Whole Home DVRs, this means we get discounted DVR pricing that is less than retail!


A premium unified experience with a Grid TV Guide, DVR & Top Streaming Services.  The cable experience, plus whole home DVR, without any monthly fees!

  • No Monthly Fee – Now without a monthly fee, Lifetime TiVo service included at no extra cost!
  • Whole Home DVR – Add a TiVo Mini to other TVs in your home & get the same experience in every room.
  • Integrated – Seamless, searchable & hassle free, TiVo integrates the most popular streaming content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO & more.
  • Anywhere Access – Access your TiVo with apps for tablets and smartphones or directly from your PC.
  • Skipmode – Skip entire commercial breaks with the touch of a single button.
  • Quickmode – Speed through recorded shows with a buffer -30% faster than normal speed.
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Replace that ordinary cable box with something extraordinary and pay no monthly fees to record 1080 HD OTA Network shows.

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From your Roku Homepage-Access the Tablo App for your Local Network TV Channels, TV Guide and DVR...
...which is simply navigated with the Easy-To-Use 16 Button Roku Remote...
...to watch Live Local Network HD TV, navigate and set series recordings or access & play your DVR recordings on any TV...

A low cost Whole Home DVR lets you record & stream live local Network HD Channels to any screen inside or outside your home.  Flexible to pair with your favorite Streaming Media Player for a unified, easy to use solution for your entire home.

  • Easy To Use – Simple for anyone to use, with the exact same User Interface, Grid TV Guide, DVR & Remote Control for any or all TVs in your home.
  • Integration of Everything – Access you Live Local Network HD Channels, Cables Channels, OTA DVR & ALL your Favorite Streaming Services in one spot, without switching inputs on your TV.
  • Enjoy HDTV Anywhere – Stream live and recorded OTA HDTV content to any internet connected device or TV in your home or from anywhere on the go.
  • Any & All Channels – When paired with your favorite Streaming Media Player (we recommend Roku), it offers access to almost any HD Cable Channel you desire.
  • Least Expensive Whole Home DVR – Since you only need to put one Tablo anywhere in your home, this reduces the overall cost, but allows you to still get the exact same Whole Home DVR on all the TVs in your home. No Monthly Rate w/ 1x “Lifetime Subscription” payment.
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Enjoy live & recorded HDTV anywhere in your home or on the go, with no monthly fees.

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Get Live Local Network HD TV Channels FREE!

Save over $1500 every year & get Live Local Network TV in 1080 HD that is better quality than Cable or Satellite!  All the top Network Shows, Local News, Sports & Broncos games-100% Free & Legal.

Add any Cable Channel streaming in HD!

All of the top 50 Cable Channels are now legally available in HD streaming-Live, On Demand & w/ a DVR! Get the exact same channels for a lot less money & no contract.