Antenna + Streaming

  • Dual network TV tuner, 1 TB hard drive, ultimate streaming media player
  • Antenna channels and streaming channels on one device – no TV input switching
  • 4K, voice control, fast processor
  • Commercial Skip
  • HDMI, Ethernet & coax cables included
  • Fully setup on antenna & Network
  • Channel scan, filter duplicates & easy to use setup
  • Full training at your home and online support

*$299 1x fee in addition to antenna fee.  Streaming Live or DVR Cable Channels are integrated, but charged separately (similar to Netflix). Box only connects to TVs with HDMI, so TVs & Electronics older than 10 years will not work.  Complex AVR/surround sound/remote control configurations or Network/WiFi fixes are an additional charge at $69 an hour. Moca Adapter is required in older homes that don’t have Cat5 distributed in the home to hard wire the All In 1 Box.  Mesh WiFi Network recommended for best streaming experience.


  • $50     4 TV Tuners – Adds a 2nd dual tuner for a total of 4 (watching live TV or recording uses 1 tuner per box).
  • $99   Extra Box/Additional Room – All In One Client Android TV Box, for Whole Home DVR.
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