Why hire a basic Pay TV Dish installer?  When freeTVEE gives you a specialized HD Antenna Installer, Cord Cutting Expert and Money Saving Consultant all in one!  Why pay every month for low quality standard definition local channels? When you can get ALL your Local Network Channels Live in 1080 HD with No Monthly Rate!

  • Save over $1500 every year-100% Free & Legal
  • Top Network Shows, Local News, Sports & Broncos
  • 1080 HD that is better than Pay TV & Streaming
  • 90% of the top shows are on Network TV for free
  • 1x install fee is less than 3 mo. of your Cable bill
  • Enjoy 60+ extra channels w/ old TV Shows & Movies
  • Access to all major Pro & College Sports live in HD
  • Less interruptions than Cable & Satellite-guaranteed
  • No monthly, no box fees & 1 antenna powers all TVs

Outdoor HD TV Antenna Installation

Get all the top network shows, local news, sports & Broncos live in 1080 HD w/o reception issues or missing channels!  For a tiny 1x fee that is less than 3 mo. of your cable bill, we install a small, high quality outdoor HD Antenna (indoor antennas do not work for 95% of the Denver Front Range).  freeTVEE has the right tools, equipment & knowledge-hire us to make sure you get it done safely & correctly the first time!

We use high quality Outdoor HD Antennas, since indoor antennas do not work for 95% of the homes in the Denver Front Range area.

What Channels can I get?

To get a general idea of what stations are available in your area check out this nice OTA TV Guide at (if needed select your city & “Channel Lineup” as Broadcast). freeTVEE uses our experience, a Professional Signal Meter, plus the best compact & powerful HD Antenna to get up to 80 channels in most Denver Front Range locations.

Add a DVR with NO Monthly Rate!

Upgrade your free HD TV Channels by adding a DVR-get a full TV Guide, Pause live TV, Record your favorite Network shows & Skip Commercials w/ the touch of a button!

Is free TV legal & what are my rights?

Does Free “OTA” HDTV sound too good to be true? Concerned it isn’t legal?? Is your HOA or apartment complex giving you grief for putting up an HD Antenna??? Put all your concerns to rest… Free TV via an Antenna has been around forever & is protected by the FCC-see your rights here.

Add HD Cable Channels!

All of the top 50 Cable Channels are now legally available in HD streaming-Live, On Demand & w/ a DVR! Get the exact same channels for a lot less money & no contract.