60+ Free Channels including ALL local networks in HD!

TV Antenna Installation includes-trip, labor, outdoor/attic HD Antenna installed to all TVs, signal guarantee & high speed internet for only $40-$50/mo.

  • No Monthly Rate Ever – Pay a small 1x fee & get 60+ channels FREE forever, including all local networks.
  • Free w/ No BS Fees – No bait & switch, no broadcast TV fee, no box fees, no HD fee, no taxes-this isn’t Pay TV…
  • Network Channels – The FCC guarantees legal access to all the top shows, local news & sports.
  • Better HD Quality – All the local network channels, on all your TVs w/ better quality HD than Pay TV.
  • Easy to Use – 1 remote, no TV input switching, all 60 free channels in 1 spot.
  • Inexpensive Internet – Lower your TV, Internet & Phone bundle from $100-$300 to only $40-$50 /mo. TV is FREE!
  • Save Your Sanity – Save over $1500 annually and never speak to your internet or TV provider again.
  • Flexible Ad On Options – Grid TV guide, no monthly rate DVR and 98% of Cable Channels are available.

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1x $299 fully installed price includes trip, hardware, labor, demo, & internet as low as $40 /mo! Discounts available in certain situations-call for details.

Average Monthly Savings = $130/mo.  Average ROI = 2.5 months

$60     Antenna Install Add Ons (rarely needed) – Attic Install, New coax run, amplifier, digital converter box, tile roof mount, grounding rod.  Minimum requirements for the HD Antenna to work-live Coax in the room (no Comcast modem in same room), original TV Remote & TV is less than 10 years old (digital TV tuner built in).

HD Antenna Signal Guarantee is offered for most Denver Metro area residents on ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox!  Please ask before your install date if you qualify.

Why install an outdoor or attic HD Antenna?

  • Signal Guarantee-50% better reception versus cheap indoor antennas
  • All Major Networks Uninterrupted-We guarantee no reception issues and better HD
  • No Clutter-1 Outdoor/Attic Antenna gets you FREE TV to all the TVs in your home
  • Full Local Network TV-all channels, no blackout disputes or substitute programming
  • It Pays For Itself-ROI is only 3 months then FREE forever-really $0 /mo. forever!
  • Doesn’t Use Data-No data cap or streaming issues-Antenna doesn’t use internet
  • DVR with no monthly rate-Grid TV Guide & DVR w/ easy commercial skipping
  • Cable Channel Options-Get any of the top 100 Cable Channels w/o a contract

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