DVR, Guide & Streaming All In One!

Includes DVR, 4K Streaming Media Player, Labor & Demo

  • No Monthly Rate Ever – Pay a small 1x fee then FREE forever!
  • Free w/ No BS Fees – No bait & switch, no DVR fee, no taxes-this isn’t Pay TV…
  • Easy to Use – 1 remote, no TV input switching, grid TV guide for all 60 free channels.
  • Flexible Cable Channels – 98% of Cable Channels are available with no contract.
  • A Real Whole Home DVR – Pause live TV, record shows & series, skip commercials.
  • It Pays For Itself – ROI is only 3 months, with no monthly rate ever!

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1x $299 fully installed price includes no monthly rate Network DVR, Grid TV Guide, Streaming Media Player, labor and ease of use demo!

Average Monthly Savings = $130/mo.  Average ROI = 2.5 months

$60   Upgrade to 1 TB storage & 4 TV Tuners – Adds 2 more TV tuners for a total of 4 (watch live TV on 2 devices and record 2 shows at the same time or record 4 shows at 1x on the 60 Antenna channels).

$99   Extra Streaming Media Player Installed/Additional Room – Get the exact same easy to use setup that you have on the main TV in any room.

Limitations: The Antenna DVR is limited to watching 2 live feeds at 1x, however we can wire the TV Antenna coax directly to a TV for unlimited Live TV feeds. Only connects to TVs with HDMI, so TVs & Electronics older than 10 years will not work (we can hook up older TVs to the Antenna for live TV though).  Complex AVR/surround sound/remote control configurations or Network/WiFi fixes are an additional charge at $69 an hour.  A newer modem and Mesh WiFi Network is recommended for the best streaming experience.

What exactly am I getting with this Package?

  • Free DVR for Antenna channels – 500 GB, 2 tuner network whole home DVR & grid TV guide w/ no monthly rate.
  • 4K Streaming Media Player – Easy to use w/ 1 remote that controls everything & lots of free apps w/ great content.
  • All Content In 1 Spot – Antenna, Streaming & Cable Channels all in 1 User Interface w/ no TV input switching.
  • Flexible Cable Channel Options – 40+ Channel Cable TV skinny bundles from $16-$25 a month, w/ NO Contract.
  • The Best Hardware & Software – We only use what we know works best-4K, voice control, fastest processor, etc.
  • Includes Everything – We fully install, setup & demo everything to make sure you get it set up right the first time!

Free Channels Including Locals?

Can I Get Cable Channels?

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