98% of Cable Channels are available legally with no contract!

Did you know that almost any channel you want, including broadcast networks, are available via the internet?  However, in order to take advantage of these services, you must make sure that your internet service speed is above 40 MBPS and that your wi-fi network is strong and reaches every corner of your home.  This is where freeTVEE comes in.  We will install a high quality, super strong mesh wi-fi network in your home so that you can take advantage of all the free and subscription content available on line.  Once we have installed your new mesh network, then we will install the best streaming media player on the market and train you how to use it.  This training will keep you free from traditional pay TV providers for the rest of your life.

Add on less expensive Cable Channles A La Carte or via skinny bundles. $16-$25 per month with no contracts.  Cancel anytime!

    • Much less expensive and more flexible than Cable or Satellite
    • Watch live on any TV, phone or tablet

Why pay for limited standard def local channels, when you can get ALL your Live Local Network Channels in 1080 HD FREE!

Save over $1500 every year & get Live Local Network TV in 1080 HD that is better quality than Pay TV or Streaming w/ no monthly rate!  All the top Network Shows, Local News, Sports & Broncos games-100% Free & Legal.