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Home Security CamerafreeTVEE already offers Flexible Cord Cutting Services that help you drop Pay TV & get the exact same channels & services for free!  So why not help you save on Home Security, Monitoring & Home Automation too.  In the past, you had to hire an expensive custom installer plus be a tech nerd to create & use a Security, Monitoring or Smart Home Automation System.

Fortunately things have changed & now there are a plethora of alternatives that allow you to leverage new Security, Monitoring or Smart Home Automation technologies to help you save money & make your life more enjoyable. Most importantly, you can now customize your own easy to use solution on your specific budget.

Security, Monitoring & Smart Home

Monitor your home from anywhere!
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HD Home Security cameras give you safety, security & SAVINGS. There is no need to pay $40-$60 every month to have someone “monitor” your home. New technologies allow you to secure your home with Cameras & Sensors that monitor your home & alert you whenever you choose. Keep in eye on the kids & even remotely lock & unlock the door for a contractor or delivery.  For ease of install, easy setup & low price we recommend Amcrest Security Cameras.

Sound the alarm & call the cops!
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There is no reason to pay Comcast, ADT, etc. $50+ a month for monitoring when new online monitoring companies offer the exact same service for $9-$15/ mo.  You also don’t need to pay every month to keep a phone line for your Monitoring, so that will save you another $30+ a month too!  We recommend Alarm Relay.

Start Here for Ideas & Solutions
DIY-Do It Yourself!

If you have the time and tools to DIY, then here is the best place to start! Home security, home entertainment, networking, lights, energy efficiency, appliances, garage doors & even irrigation can all be conveniently accessed and controlled from your smartphone or tablet.  If you are looking for a very simple, inexpensive & useful device to start with we highly recommend the Amazon Echo.

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