Tips, Tricks, Suggestions  and Manufacturer Support Info

* Don’t forget the easy universal quick fix for all electronics issues-unplug it & plug it back in…

WiFi & Streaming issues can be complex as there are a lot of possible points of failure.  We suggest power cycling all of your electronics that are having issues & then using a step by step process of elimination to determine the issue & fix it.

  • STREAMING ISSUES – Please realize internet TV streams & the quality is dependent on a lot of factors: content provider, internet speed, wifi router, network, number of devices on the network, wireless interference, etc. so can vary greatly by home & device.
  • DON’T USE YOUR ISP’s MODEM/ROUTER – Our experience is that the modem/router you get from your ISP isn’t good for streaming & is usually the fail point for any streaming issues.
  • MESH WiFi ROUTER – If its not feasible to run direct wire, you will need a top quality modem & wifi router/mesh network.  freeTVEE has a great Mesh network that we recommend & can install to fix any streaming issues with your modem/router/network.
  • HARD WIRED INTERNET – Whenever possible we recommend hard wiring your Electronics to your network via ethernet/internet.  If possible, we can help you run additional wiring.
  • Tips For Improving Your WiFi Signal

Comcast Xfinity Contact Number 1-800-COMCAST 

  • Unplug both your modem & wifi router & power cycle them. Turn on the modem first, then after a few minutes power on the wifi router.
  • Most internet outages are related to your provider. It is very rare to have Hardware (wifi router & modem) issues, after the initial install. Call the number above & hit the option for Internet Tech Support.
  • Data Usage Meter
  • Compatible Modems


CenturyLink Contact Number 1-800-244-1111 

  • Unplug both your modem & wifi router & power cycle them. Turn on the modem first, then after a few minutes power on the wifi router.
  • Most internet outages are related to your provider. It is very rare to have Hardware (wifi router & modem) issues, after the initial install. Call the number above & hit the option for Internet Tech Support.
  • Modem Compatibility Page
  • Main Internet & Modem Help Page

Xfinity/Comcast is the only Internet provider in Colorado that has data caps.  They are usually quite high, but it is important to remember that streaming video will use a higher amount of data than email or internet.

Estimate your data usage here

Xfinity data usage meter (see what you are using)

Should Cord Cutters be concerned about data caps?

How to deal with Data Caps

How to reduce Netflix data usage

Over 98% of our customer’s have no issues keeping their data usage under the Comcast cap, but here are some suggestions to keep your data usage in check in case you are pushing the data cap:

  • We recommend you always hit the Stop or Home button after you are done watching your streaming show.
  • Since Comcast obviously doesn’t care about you, switch to Centurylink or a new 5G Internet provider (currently only downtown area for now but expanding in 2019).
  • One of the many benefits of using a HD Antenna is that it uses no data at all!  When possible use antenna TV instead of streaming.
  • Don’t have streaming TV going all day as background noise, use the radio or Antenna TV instead-or better yet go outside and enjoy CO!  😉
  • Turn off “autoplay” next episode in each App’s settings (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.)
  • Go into the settings for whatever streaming services you are using (VUE, Sling, Netflix, Prime) & lower the streaming quality-4K or higher streaming will eat up data much faster.  All of these streaming services have added this option when some internet providers started adding data caps.
  • RECEPTION – Getting all of your Network Channels without interruption, is sometimes a challenge.  Reception at your location is affected by many factors that are out of our control.
    • Exterior factors: distance from towers, multi-path, antenna gain, buildings, hills & trees, weather, atmosphere, etc.
    • Interior factors: things inside your home/walls that may cause issues include: TV tuner sensitivity, metal, old coax, long coax runs & numerous splits.
  • OUTDOOR ANTENNA – Putting an Antenna outside & higher will improve reception 30-50%.  We use an Outdoor Antenna that is very small & see through so the weather has very little effect (if any) on reception.  Once your Antenna is installed in the best spot, you will be getting awesome 1080 HD for all of your Local Network Channels!  Unless you are in a tough coverage area, your reception should usually stay good in all conditions.
  • THE RIGHT TOOLS – We always test your coverage on our Signal Meter when we first arrive at your home. Even with all of these precautions there are no guarantees (98% of the time we are able to get all Network channels uninterrupted).  However, our experience along with our Professional Signal Meter will give you your best chance for success & help you get it done right the first time!
  • FCC PROTECTION & RULES – Believe it or not, no matter where you live, everyone has a legal right to get TV for free via an Antenna!  Even if you are in an Apartment or Condo, there is little your HOA can do to prevent you from having an Outdoor Antenna.  The FCC has several different rules covering what type of Antenna & where you can mount an Antenna.  freeTVEE is not responsible for contacting your HOA, so please do this before scheduling your installation, if you have any concerns.

Click here to find out more info on the TV Spectrum Sale, Repack & How to Rescan your TV for missing channels

BLANK SCREEN-Try the following steps in order:

  1. Make sure all your equipment is plugged in and turned on, including DVR/Streaming Media Player/PC, TV and A/V Receiver.
  2. Make sure the TV/AVR is on the correct input (whatever input you normally watch TV on, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc.).
  3. Check all connections in TV & in your devices to make sure they are pushed in all of the way.
  4. Restart the devices, TV & AVR.
  5. Unplug the devices, TV & AVR for 20 seconds and then restart.
  6. Try swapping out cables w/ ones that you know work. Get new HDMI, etc. cables & try using them instead of the old ones.

NO SOUND-Try the following steps in this order & test if it works after each step:

  • Make sure the TV or AVR isn’t on mute, and the volume is turned up.
  • Make sure the AVR is turned on, possible try a different source to make sure it is working (like FM radio).
  • Make sure the AVR is on the right input for TV (where ever it usually is to watch TV and get audio).
  • Restart the audio receiver or TV.
  • Unplug the devices, TV & Audio receiver and restart all of them.
  • Switch our the audio cable(s) going from the HTPC to the TV/AVR, and from the AVR to the TV.

If none of this worked freeTVEE can attempt to troubleshoot & fix your issue for 1x fee. We also offer Service Plans for discounted on call help!

Sling TV Contact Number 1-888-363-1777

Philo Contact Number

Vue Contact Number 1-877-883-7669

Amazon FireTV Recast FAQ & Support

If you are having issues with your Amazon devices, please follow these instructions:

  1. From a browser, log into your account
  2. Once you are logged into your account, click on this link:
  3. Select Devices button at the top of the page
  4. Find and click on your FireTV device
  5. Once you have selected your device, then scroll down to Tell Us More
  6. In the Tell Us More selection box, pick Device not working/damaged
  7. Then scroll down and pick the phone support option
  8. Follow the prompts to enter your phone number and amazon will call you right away

Use this for support on any of your Amazon devices.

Nvidia Shield FAQs & Support

TiVo Contact Number 1-877-367-8486

Tablo Contact Number 1-613-454-5615

Media Center PCs are being phased out as newer, better & cheaper technologies have come into the market, however the following page links will help with most issues:

  1. Common Issues & Fixes
  2. MCPC Quick Start Guide
  3. MCPC New Customer Guide-more detailed than QSG

Sustainability Recycling is the best recycler we have found. We recommend you call first to verify they can take whatever you want to recycle & the cost.  Please let us know if you find others that you like and we will update this list.