One of Our Favorite Antennas

Whole Home HD Antenna Installation – $299

  • Roof or attic mounted HD antenna
  • No monthly rates for ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, CW and 40+ other channels
  • No monthly HD fees, extra TV fees, or broadcast fees
  • Better quality HD picture
  • Includes trip charge, labor charge and internet pricing optimization
  • Includes live signal to three existing cable jacks in your home
    • New wall jacks installed for $50 each
    • Non traditional installs may require additional charges
  • Flexible upgrades available
  • 10% Discount for Seniors

HD Antenna + HD Streaming – $299

  • Includes network DVR for whole home antenna integration
    • Channel guide
    • Pause, fast forward, rewind, series recording
    • Voice search
  • Includes 4K streaming media player
    • Watch Netlix, Amazon Prime Video etc
    • HD cable network subscriptions with no contracts
    • Alexa enabled
  • $99 for each additional TV with HD Antenna + HD Streaming
free your tv
HD Antenna + HD Streaming
Upgrade Your WiFi

freeTVee Ultra WiFi – $199

Modem Boost – $99

  • Eliminate $13 per month rental fees
  • Pair with Ultra WiFi to eliminate unnecessary speed boost charges
  • Includes technical configuration phone call with ISP
Internet Issues
Better Internet Performance, Lower Price