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Since 2010 freeTVee has helped thousands of families in Denver dump Pay TV for good and get the exact same channels & services.  As a result, our average customer saves $1500 per year, every year.

1x Freedom Price

We do not charge ANY monthly or annual fees like pay TV. Our one time price includes hardware, labor, demo, help guides and expert Cord Cutting tips throughout. Make a smart investment, pay $300-$900 1x and save $15,000 after 10 years!

EEasy Payments

Instead of paying for the full installation and equipment up front, we give you a no interest option to pay over time-rent to own for only $100 a month. Our average customer saves over $125 every month, so you will be saving money and getting freedom from Cable & Satellite.

freeTVee  professional installation delivers the most savings and best experience
One of Our Favorite Antennas

Whole Home HD Antenna – Free Forever – $299

  • No monthly rate ever for ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS and 40+ channels
  • Free is free – No monthly HD, extra TV, or broadcast fees!
  • 1x cost includes high power Antenna, hardware, labor, wiring & trip
  • Signal guaranteed – no missing channels or breakups on major locals
  • Our experts reduce your current internet to $50/mo. – it pays for itself
  • Includes live signal to existing coax cable jacks in your home
  • Flexible ease of use integration & whole home DVR upgrades available
  • 10% Discount for Seniors, Veterans and Law Enforcement
  • Click here for more details!

We only install outdoor or attic whole home antennas. This is how we guarantee reception on ALL your major networks w/o interruption. If you are in a tough location for antenna reception we have other options.

EEasy Integration Cable Box Replacement – $299

  • A complete substitute for the old Cable box rental-X1, Hopper or Genie
  • No monthly Fees for DVR, extra rooms, broadcast or HD
  • Includes Streaming Media Box & network DVR for antenna integration
    • Integrated remote with TV volume & power
    • Grid channel guide
    • Pause TV, Record series & skip commercials
    • Voice search
    • Easy access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, etc.
  • $99 Extra Wifi Box-exact same easy to use setup on any extra TV!
  • Click here for more details!
Upgrade Your WiFi for Best Experience

Whole Home Ultra Mesh WiFi – $199

  • Blanket your house in WiFi & eliminate dead spots
  • No monthly rental fees and better WiFi!
  • Fix streaming, gaming and work connection issues
  • Easy to use phone App to see & control your network
  • One network-much better than range extenders
  • Includes HD streaming optimized configuration
  • Includes connection of main existing devices
  • Why buy at Bestbuy, when our 1x fully installed price is less?
  • +$99 for homes above 3000 Sqft (3rd mesh)
  • Click here for more details!

Modem Boost – $99

  • Pair with Mesh WiFi to eliminate monthly speed upgrade charges
  • Eliminate monthly equipment rental fees-you own it!
  • Return the bad combo modem/WiFi Router rental to your ISP
  • Includes technical configuration phone call with Xfinity
  • Why buy at Bestbuy, when our 1x fully installed price is less?
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