Answers to Top freeTVEE questions

Answers to Our Top Questions

Is this legal?

Yes! is 100% legal.  The FCC actually supports the live network HDTV that is available “over the air” for free.  We do not provide any TV or movie content.  We just find, organize, and link to all of the great free and legal content that is already available online or via an OTA antenna.

How can freetvEE afford to not charge any monthly fee, when the average monthly cost for Cable and Satellite is almost $100 per month?

  • We don’t want to, free is good!
  • We want to offer a totally different experience from Cable and Satellite, they charge way to much, we charge way to little…
  • We generate a small revenue from our online referral links to our affiliate partners.  For you it’s easy!  Please start at first, then click on any of our affiliate’s referral links whenever you buy any products online.

Why is freetvEE better than Cable or Satellite?

The advantages of freeTVEE over a Cable and Satellite are way to numerous to list, please check out our “COMPARISON CHART” for all of the details of why freeTVEE is the best option to drop or reduce your Cable or Satellite bill.

Why is freetvEE better than a Smart TV or Internet Connected Device?

For most people a Smart TV or Internet Connected Device is only a partial solution to drop pay TV since it is very limited and lacking key elements.  These devices are more of a complimentary item to Cable & Satellite that will leave you feeling frustrated if used as the sole option to dump pay TV.  freetvEE is robust and easy to use, so you will never feel like you need to sign up for pay TV again.  The advantages of freetvEE over a smart TV or Internet Connected Device are way to numerous to list, please check out our Comparison Chart for all of the details of why freetvEE is the best option to drop Cable or Satellite.

Do I need a special “Internet Connected” “Smart TV” for freetvEE to work?

NO, we actually discourage our customers from buying the new “Internet Connected” “Smart TVs”.  You can use one for freetvEE, but we can work with your regular TV just fine so don’t waste the extra money on a bunch of Marketing hype.  In our opinion, “Internet Connected” “Smart TVs” are actually very misleading in that you can’t get to the real World Wide Web.  They do not give you access to the entirety of the internet, they only get you limited access to your TV manufacturer’s partner sites.

Does freetvEE limit where I can go on the internet, or only allow me to watch TV & movies on freetvEE’s website?

No, not at all, you can access anything on your big screen TV that you can access on your computer!  We believe consumers want the freedom to access the entirity of the internet and their computer content on their TV, not just selected content or “partner” sites.  freetvEE gives you easy access to everything!

Do I have to create a user ID and password to access certain parts of's website?

Access is currently available to everyone without an user ID and password.  Access will always be free to all of our freetvEE customers and newsletter subscribers for life-no matter what.