Same exact Channels!  Save over $1200 a year!

Package includes everything-trip, labor, demo, Mesh WiFi Network, Modem, Streaming Media Player, 1 Year Support & reducing internet bill to $40-$50 /mo.

  • Smooth streaming – Eliminate buffering & get great Wi-Fi all over your home
  • Easy to Use – 1 remote, no TV input switching & integrated Network/Cable channels
  • Flexible – Watch what you want anywhere on up to 5 TVs and/or streaming devices
  • Freedom – No TV contracts… Switch providers or cancel whenever you like
  • Save Your Sanity – Never speak to your internet or TV provider again!
  • Inexpensive Internet – Same internet for $40-$50 /mo with no modem rental fee
  • Same Channels $45 /mo. – Local Network & Cable channels-Live, On Demand & DVR

Please call 303 794-8600 to schedule an appointment or ask questions.

1x $499 fully installed price includes trip, hardware, labor, demo, & internet as low as $40 /mo! Discounts available in certain situations-call for details.

Average Monthly Savings = $110/mo.  Average ROI = 5 months

Happy Streamer Optional Channel Lineup

* 98% of Cable Channels available, please ask if you need additional channels.