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How Does FreeTVEE Work?

Our Media Center PC organizes everything into 1 Easy To Use Interface, that is seamlessly controlled by 1 Companion Remote Control with integrated mouse & keyboard. Quickly & Easily access all of these Features without EVER switching TV inputs:

Live Network HD TV + Internet TV + DVR + TV Guide + On Demand Content (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu etc) + Your Photos + Your Videos + Your Music + Apps

On Demand Internet TV

On Demand Internet TV

Quickly go ANYWHERE you want on the internet, through your big screen TV, from the comfort of your couch! freeTVEE gives you real “Internet TV”, we make other “Internet Connected” devices & “Smart” TVs look dumb… No need to waste money on these so called “Internet Connected” “Smart” TVs, DVD Players, Set Top Boxes, or Gaming Consoles that only give you limited access to a few of their “partner” websites or apps.

Live Local Network TV

Live Local Network TV

Did you know that you can get your local network stations live in HD for free via an antenna? The days of hazy reception with your grandparent’s big bulky “rabbit ears” are in the past. Recent technology advances allow you to get HD quality reception that is better quality than what you have been paying your Cable or Satellite provider for every month. All of the top shows on major network TV, plus local sports and news  –  Live or Recorded on the integrated DVR.

Free TV Forever!

Free TV Forever!

Zero dollars a month for ALL freeTVEE services-this is not one of those introductory offers like Pay TV. No smoke and mirrors. No bait and switch. No bogus introductory offers. With freeTVEE what you see is what you get. Even though freeTVEE is $0 per month you get better HD quality than cable or satellite, with more options, more flexibility, and more freedom. Our customers agree, freeTVEE is better than cable and satellite!

Much More Than Just TV

Much More Than Just TV

freeTVEE offers a lot more than just TV, with easy access to: DVR, a robust TV guide, tons of On Demand content, full internet access, unlimited apps, plus all your music, home videos, and pictures – for no monthly fee ever! Most importantly, it’s simple yet powerful! Your homepage User Interface provides fully integrated 1 touch access to Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Hulu, ESPN3, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, email, and anything else you want!

Very Easy To Use

Very Easy To Use!

The key to being able to drop Pay TV is having a great alternative that is Robust and Easy to use. freeTVEE is so easy to use, that anyone in the family can use it! An intuitive User Interface plus companion remote control with built in mouse and keyboard functionality, allows anyone in the family to easily get to all of your TV and Entertainment content. freeTVEE provides you with a simple and complete solution that allows you to drop your Cable and Satellite provider for good!

Everything … Everywhere

Real "on demand" "TV everywhere"

freeTVEE gives you the part of Cable & Satellite that you like (top shows, HD, DVR, TV Guide, TV everywhere, On Demand), without the part you hate. We offer a Free-Flexible-Friendly alternative to paying over $1,000 every year for Pay TV. We provide real “On Demand” “TV Everywhere”, watch exactly what you want to watch, when and where you want to watch it, all for FREE! No nickel and diming, no restrictions, and no contracts. With freeTVEE you have your freedom!

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freeTVEE logo offers a 100% FREE initial consultation to help determine the best solution for you.  We will run some preliminary tests showing what stations you can receive, help you choose the best antenna and Internet-connected device, plus evaluate the compatibility of your current electronics! Please contact us for more information and FREE assistance!

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How Does freeTVEE Compare with Pay TV?

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