Using the correct HD Antenna, in the best location on your home, will allow you to recive 40+ channels, including all the top network channels live in 1080 High Definition for FREE! Local sports & news plus 90% of the top shows are all live in HD for free. All you need is a good HD Antenna, a few inexpensive Cables & possibly a Digital Converter Box, or no monthly rate DVR. Unless your home is close & has great line of sight to the TV towers, we recommend you don’t waste your time or money tinkering around with a cheap indoor antenna (unless you are ok with missing channels or having your reception break up). It does take a little work & money up front to get your HD Antenna properly setup, but once you get the right antenna in the right location at your home it will be no maintenance. Take the money you throw away every month for a sub par Cable TV set up & use it to make a small 1x investment to get top quality TV that is free forever!

Choosing the right HD Antenna for your specific location & setting it up properly is the key to getting uninterrupted, clear 1080 HD TV signals and receiving ALL of the channels that you should get.

If you have the Time, Tools and you are Tech Savvy you can DIY using the chart below & resources on our website. If you are lacking any of these, we highly recommend you save your sanity-hire freeTVEE to get your antenna mounted correctly & safely the first time.  When you hire freeTVEE you are not just hiring an installer, you are hiring a Cord Cutting expert that can answer all of your Cord Cutting questions, plus actually save you money on equipment & your entire Telecom bill!

I Need Antenna Installation Help

Based on our experience of over 25 years in Telecom, customer feedback and hundreds of installations here is an updated list of the top OTA (over-the-air) HD TV Antennas:

Antennas Direct C2-VOutdoor/Indoorup to 50 milesDirectionalUHF + VHF HiBEST OVERALL ANTENNA-near or far from towers, aesthetics, compact, indoor/outdoor, ease of install & powerful!
Antennas Direct DB8E
Outdoorup to 65 milesDirectionalUHFA good UHF only antenna for tough situations-hills, big trees.
Mohu LeafIndoorup to 20 milesMulti-directionalUHF + close VHF HiIf aesthetics & ease of installation are your priority-you need to be in a good OTA coverage area with great line of sight.
Mohu SkyOutdoor/Indoorup to 80 milesMulti-directionalUHF + VHF HiLike it's Mohu brother above, it has a small footprint yet pulls in signals from far away & helps with line of sight or interference issues.

You can pay up to $300 for a HD Antenna & wiring, plus an additional $500 for installation but we don’t think you should… You can get exactly what you need online for cheap, as opposed to shopping locally and paying up to five times more. For the best prices & return policy on all OTA HD Antennas shop

What Stations Can I Get?

To get a general idea of what stations are available in your area check out this nice OTA TV Guide at (if needed select your city & “Channel Lineup” as Broadcast).

For Optimal Antenna Results

Each antenna installation varies by location and has it’s own unique set of challenges. For the best results put your “Over The Air” OTA antenna outside, away from interference and as high as possible (safely).

Help Me Find the Best Components

Check out all of the Cord Cutting Supplies that you will need to make a successful transition from Pay TV to Free TV. If you need help or want more info please Contact Us for free with any specific questions.

Is free over-the-air HD TV legal?

Does Free “OTA” HDTV sound too good to be true? Concerned it isn’t legal?? Is your HOA or apartment complex giving you grief for putting up an HD Antenna??? Put all your concerns to rest… Free TV via an Antenna has been around forever & is protected by the FCC-see your rights here.