Tired of paying over $100 every year to rent a sub-standard modem/router combo from your cable or phone company? Buy a better Modem & WiFi Router & stop renting from your Cable or Phone Provider! freeTVEE already helps you get HD TV & Home Phone for free, plus negotiate your Internet only bill down to $20-$60/mo. Now we are going to help you save on your monthly internet charges, while also getting you faster speed & a more reliable internet connection at the same time! Networking, streaming & WiFi have a lot of different components & can be complex.  We have helped hundreds of customers successfully install this equipment & dramatically lower their bills, so if you are not techy or dont have the time Hire Us Now or read on to DIY:

  1. OPTIONAL: Grab a decoder ring plus your bill (or call your provider) to see what internet speed you are paying for & if you are paying a monthly charge to rent their modem.
  2. OPTIONAL: From a hardwired (not wifi) connection run an Internet Speed Test, to see what speed you are actually getting. Hopefully what you are paying for…
  3. CABLE ISP-Comcast: Pay a small 1x fee to Buy A Better Cable Modem (7620 if you have lots of internet connected devices). We have installed these modems over 100 times & always see a bump in your speed for free! Skip to Step 5.
  4. PHONE ISP-Centurylink: If you already bought your ISP modem out right than that is great, just disable WiFi & set it to Modem only mode, then skip to step 5! If not, than you either need to buy it outright from Centurylink, or to make things a bit more simplified just pay a 1x fee to Buy a Better Phone ISP Combo Modem/Router.
  5. GET A NEW AC WIFI ROUTER TOO: Today’s home uses WiFi a lot. Streaming, gaming, PCs, Tablets, Smartphones & multiple users can bring an old router to its knees. We highly recommend you get a New Top Rated Wireless Router (1900 for best range). Technology advances & drastically reduced prices make a new router a must. Your router is very important, it pumps out a reliable WiFi connection, plus extends the Range of your Wifi to the far reaches of your home. Don’t go with a combo Modem/Router option, they do not perform as well, plus you cant reuse them if you switch providers.
  6. IF YOU NEED HOME PHONE: If you still pay for home phone service, it’s time to get out of the 90’s… 😉 Either use your cell phone or use this awesome Free Phone Service that allows you use your existing phones & keep your same phone number too!
  7. Once you get you new stuff, call into your Provider’s Tech support line & tell them you have your own equipment & are ready to stop getting ripped off for renting their Modem. Enjoy saving over $100 a year while getting faster internet speed & much improved WiFi coverage!
  8. Stop paying so much for TV.  This really should be step 1…

Here are a few other Tips to Boost Your Wifi. Plus the approved modem lists for both Comcast & Centurylink, although they support many other Modems & Routers that are not on this list-they obviously are losing money when you stop renting from them so do not update this list or their tech support very regularly on this subject… Due to the fact that your ISP is still partially involved in this process & you are DIY, we do not guarantee your results, but understand that we have helped hundreds of customers to save money & get better internet! If you need help Contact Us.

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