DIY Cord Cutting-only recommended if you have Time, Tools & are Techy

freeTVEE’s DIY Cord Cutting Guide is not for the feint of heart, we talk with folks everyday that tried DIY & failed miserably. They thought Cutting The Cord, streaming or installing an HD Antenna would be easy & found out the hard way that is isn’t…If you have any questions or if you think you need help please Contact Us Now BEFORE you risk your safety or waste a bunch of Time & Money on stuff that doesn’t work.

2017 offers lots of great technologies and services to help you Cut The Cord, however they are constantly changing & it’s a hot mess of confusing options. Even if you have the courage to hop on your roof & you are Techy the complexities of combining a HD Antenna, Streaming Media Players, Networking, TVs, DVRs, AVR, PCs & other electronics to get them to work well together will frustrate most. If you use our DIY Cord Cutting Guide we will not be liable for personal injury, antenna signal issues or electronics not working properly. freeTVEE only guarantees Products/Services bought from us & installed by us. If you still feel comfortable with DIY then we have some great info in the Table below. freeTVEE is here to help make your transition from Pay TV to Free TV inexpensive, quick and painless!

freeTVEE logo offers a 100% FREE initial consultation where we will run some preliminary tests showing what stations you can receive, help you choose the best antenna and Internet-connected device, plus evaluate the compatibility of your current electronics! Please contact us for more information and FREE assistance!

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