Our Average Customer Saves over $130 Every Month!

How Does It Work?Are you tired of the high prices, restrictions and attitude of Pay TV? Do you dread getting your monthly Pay TV bill? Are you wasting more time figuring out what is on TV or how to use the remote control, than you actually spend watching TV? Is this the experience that you are paying your Cable or Satellite provider so much money for every month?!?

Trying to Cut the Cord, but tired of tinkering around with all the low quality, limited and complicated ways to get TV for free?  Thinking of Cutting the Cord, but not quite sure what the best way is to do it?

A freeTVEE Media Center PC is your Complete, Easy-To-Use Cord Cutting Cable Box Replacement!

All freeTVEE Media Center Features have NO Monthly Rate Ever!

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  • Internet TV

    NO LIMITS-A FULL web browser lets you stream anything from ANY website, plus we also included easy access to over 100 of the most popular online streaming sites via quick click Apps!

  • Easy To Use

    One easy to use Remote Control with built in Mouse & OS Keyboard, acts as the perfect companion for the robust & intuitive homepage User Interface-offering quick one touch access to anything!

  • Movies

    Effortlessly watch your DVDs & Blu-rays, plus stream Movies from ALL of your favorite sites (including Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Vudu, etc.) without ever switching TV Inputs or Remote Controls!

  • Music

    All your favorites, mp3’s or online streaming – including Pandora & Spotify!

  • Pictures

    Easy access to all your digital pictures including personalized slideshows!

  • Videos

    Share your home videos with friends and family on your big screen TV!

We did all of the work for you and created the BEST Cord Cutting Box available!

The freeTVEE Media Center PC is the perfect Cable Box replacement. It’s the only free and legal TV and Entertainment solution for families that emulates the BEST part of Cable and Satellite — the part of Pay TV you like:  Top Shows, HD, DVR, TV Guide, On Demand, TV Everywhere. Rather than piecing together a difficult and partial TV solution for you family, get our Robust and Easy To Use Media Center PC so that your family will enjoy Cutting the Cord.

With freetvEE there is no need to wait around for your show to air, or pay more money to get HD or a DVR.  It’s all free FOREVER!  Besides the TV Guide, DVR and 1080 HD, we also give you the flexibility to integrate ALL of your favorite internet and computer features so you can easily enjoy them on any TV in your home or on any device anywhere!  Experience surfing anywhere on the internet, emailing, chatting, tweeting, social networking, Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Skype, your home videos, picture slideshows, music, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, new release PPV movies, online gaming, and anything else you do on your computer-live on any TV or device!  Isn’t this the way TV should be?

If you pay over $50 a month for TV, Internet and Phone, then you are paying too much. Get a freeTVEE logo Media Center PC that offers way more than Cable or Satellite and never pay a monthly TV bill again!

Media Center PC Features

Live Network TV-Local News & Sports!

network tv for free

90% of the top shows are on Network TV. Catch the shows you love — live or recorded TV — including news, sports, movies and children’s programming.

Internet TV-Stream from any website!

freetvee - 1-touch access

Access ANY website (Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon Prime, YouTube, ESPN3 and any website on the world-wide-web). View Cable shows you can’t get on other limited Internet Connected TV & Devices.

High Definition-Top quality 1080 HD!

local sports news - pause live tv

Crystal clear picture in top quality 1080 HD. Enjoy sports and movies with better HD quality than what your Pay TV provider charges you for every month.

Record TV via Integrated DVR

Record TV Shows

Simple touch a red button & you can easily record a TV show or a whole series. Record as many shows as you want*. Quickly skip over commercials when viewing Recorded TV.  Pause live or recorded TV. Keep shows & movies forever or delete them if you like. Resume watching shows on your schedule – even days later!  Find more time for you and your family and waste less time watching ads.

* Note: The number of shows you can record is limited by the TV Tuner & Hard Drive size you select (the standard Hard Drive size is much bigger than any normal Pay TV DVR though).

TV Guide

tv guide - quickly search

Get the same easy-to-use experience for finding and recording TV and Movies, just like you are used to.  From the TV Guide, when you find a TV program you want to watch, just click the Play button to watch Live TV now OR click the Record button to watch it later (skipping commercials) OR hit the Record button twice to record a whole series of this show.

True On Demand Movies and TV

On demand Internet TV

Watch What you want to watch, When and Where you want to watch it!  You control everything — it’s TV on your terms.

Every Major Pro & College Sport

sports espn

Enjoy all major pro sports, college sports and cable shows, including ESPN content. Watch top sporting events in HD, live or On Demand. Watch the sports that you care about whenever you want.

Show Your Family Media!

freetvee Music - Play all your favorite music

Easily show your family Photos, Videos, Music and Audio Recordings – anything you like!  Enjoy pictures of your kids or vacations, on your big screen, from the comfort of your couch!

Digitize Your Personal DVDs

freetvee - your personal movies and dvds

No limited and expensive DVD Disc Exchanger needed! Bring your entire DVD collection into the Media Center PC as digital movies then stash away your physical DVDs in your attic, crawl space or closet! Never again have to mess with finding and inserting DVDs into a DVD player and waiting for the disc to spin up! Your movie collection automatically is visible on the Media Center Movie interface with stunning DVD cover artwork and metadata, making your movies easy to find.  Access any of your movie collection with one touch of your freeTVEE remote Play button.

Intuitive User Interface

Media Center PC Recorded TV

The Media Center user interface is simple but powerful and offers intuitive, convenient, one-touch navigation to everything listed on this page, on any TV in your home  — all without switching inputs on your TV!  Anyone in your family can easily control all of your TV and Entertainment content.

Control Everything with One Remote!

freetvee remote

Easy for anyone in your family to use: ONE box, ONE incredibly easy-to-use user interface for all types of media — all easily controlled from ONE remote!  The remote includes a built-in mouse and keyboard functionality.

Multi-Room and Anywhere Access


All your stuff in any room! Get the convenience of accessing everything anywhere in the house or on the road.

Any Device Access


All your stuff on any device. Flexibility to access all your stuff on any TV or Internet-connected device.

Why not use my own PC?

When we started this business five years ago this is what we did.  It didn’t work well at all… The problem is every PC has a different video card, motherboard, processor, hardware, software, etc. (most are outdated making the problems even worse) which can create ongoing video freezes, glitches and annoyances. You old PC likely doesn’t have a TV Tuner, and certainly doesn’t have all of the extra software and upgrades that we give you in our customer built Media Center PC. If you don’t need all of the integration & easy of use plus you are single, tech savvy and don’t mind spending a LOT of trial-and-error time and money piecing something together then go for it.

freeTVEE logo is all about having a great user experience, so we have researched, tested, built and refined the best value Media Center PC available for over four years. If you want the Best Cable Box replacement, the Media Center PC is it. Why set yourself up for failure? Let us do the work for you, save you time and deliver the best value plug-and-play Media Center PC right to your doorstep!

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