Common Misconceptions about what freeTVEE is and isn't

Here are the facts

Common misconceptions about freeTVEE. Get the facts!freeTVEE isn’t for everyone, but it does work great for lots of people! Make an informed decision for yourself.  Explore our website or Contact Us directly. If you still feel that freeTVEE isn’t for you that is fine, but please don’t make the decision to be stuck with Cable and Satellite based off of misinformation.

Common Misconceptions About freeTVEE

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Here are the Facts About freeTVEE

freeTVEE logo is 100% legal.  We help you find, organize, and link to all of the great free and legal content that is already available online or via an OTA (over-the-air) antenna.  The government (FCC) actually sponsors the live local network TV that is available “over the air” for free.  This is similar to the antenna TV that your parents grew up with, except better since the “Digital Transition” upgraded to HD.  The Internet TV that we link to is 100% free and are legitimate websites, not sketchy file sharing or pirated websites.

The average freeTVEE logo customer saves over $100 every month, over what they were paying before for their Pay TV bundle! Since we can help you get both your TV and Phone service for free you are guaranteed to be saving money off of your package price. We help customers regularly get stand alone High Speed Internet for $25 – $35 a month.

freeTVEE logo offers live local network TV in HD that is better quality than Pay TV!  It’s seems unfathomable since you pay so much money for Cable & Satellite, plus pay extra for High Definition stations. Recent technology advances brought about by the FCC’s “Digital Transition” now allow you to get HD quality OTA reception that is better quality than what you pay your Cable or Satellite provider for every month.  Pay TV compresses their signal (in order to shove the 500 channels that you don’t really want to your tube) which reduces the HD quality, where as OTA network TV is uncompressed in all of it’s full 1080 HD glory!

It’s true freeTVEE logo is not as good as Cable & Satellite – IT’S BETTER!  We been trained our whole life that “you get what you pay for”, but not in this case…  Even though you are paying $0 a month for our service, our customers think that freeTVEE is actually better than what they used to pay for every month!  freeTVEE gives you the part of Cable & Satellite that you like (top shows, HD, DVR, TV Guide, TV everywhere, On Demand), without the part you hate.  We offer a Free-Flexible-Friendly alternative to paying over $1,000 every year for Pay TV.

freeTVEE logo is simple yet powerful – ONE remote control with built in mouse and keyboard functionality so anyone in the family can easily control all of your TV and Entertainment content.  The key for this simplicity and organization is the intuitive User Interface offering one touch navigation to all your stuff, without ever switching inputs on your TV!  Our freeTVEE Media Center PC was designed specifically to alleviate the stress of getting everything you want to see without being difficult to access and use. Our customers agree that even though you can access more things with freeTVEE than their old Pay TV service, it can be easier to use than their existing Cable or Satellite setup!

On the surface Internet Connected TVs and devices (gaming systems, Blu-Ray players, Apple TV, Roku, Boxee, and Google TV) seem to provide a good option to cut the cord…  However, self admittedly, they are only a complimentary device to Pay TV that offer a limited solution to the Pay TV problem.  We only recommend some of these devices, in a few situations where someone only want to access a few internet apps, is single and techy.  Our Compare page has a full breakdown on the limitations, compared to freeTVEE logo.

freeTVEE logo is totally different from anything else on the market.  We have spent years perfecting the perfect solution to drop Pay TV and it just plain works.  We have tried them all, and there are lot’s of inferior options that fail because they are: just a partial solution that doesn’t give you everything you need, poor quality with lots of glitches, or too complex for the average family to use.  We believe that in order to have a truly enjoyable TV and Entertainment experience you need a solution that is Robust yet Easy To Use, so that is what we created!  If you know someone that has tried something similar to freeTVEE, do them a favor and forward our website to them so we can help them get the BEST Free and legal TV.

Most of these Internet streaming issues are fixable, which we help our customers with. Don’t confuse freeTVEE with these sketchy online international software websites that sell you software that gives you 1000’s of channels worldwide.  We are nothing like these illegal, poor quality, and hard to use scams.  

Ultimately freeTVEE logo is much more than just Internet TV though, with easy access to: Live Network TV in HD, DVR, a robust TV guide, tons of On Demand content, full internet access, unlimited apps, plus all of your music, home videos, and pictures – all for no monthly fee.  Your homepage User Interface provides fully integrated one-touch access to Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Hulu, ESPN3, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, email, and anything else you want!  Our average customer only uses Internet TV 20% of the time, because 90% of the top shows are on live or recorded OTA HDTV plus they many other options for TV and Entertainment content.

Lots of folks have the perception that they can’t get what they want to watch legally without Cable and Satellite.  While it is true that you might not be able to get every single station or show, you would be surprised at what is available legally. It’s just sometimes harder to find and watch it.  

Fortunately, freeTVEE logo has taken all of the work out of it for you, simply Contact Us with any questions and we can help.  freeTVEE gives you access to top Cable shows in HD (live and on-demand) including: kids programming, local-world-business news, and all major pro and college sports (including ESPN)!  It’s not 500 channels like Pay TV, but 80% or more of what you care about watching is available, and more importantly it is what you want to watch, when and where you want to watch it – FREE!

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