NO SURPRISE CHARGES! Our 1x All Inclusive price includes trip, hardware, labor & personalized demo!

  •   Summary of what's included
  •   1x Installation Cost
  •   1x Additional TV
  •   Monthly Cost (no contract)
  •   Local Network Channels (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, etc.)
  •   Standard Cable Channels (ESPN, HGTV, AMC, TBS, TNT, Disney, CNN, etc.)
  •   Specialty Cable Channels (Fox News, TLC, OWN, etc.)
  •   Premium Cable Channels (HBO, Showtime, etc.)
  •   Searchable Grid TV Guide
  •   DVR (whole home & remote access)
  •   Super Fast Wi-Fi (w/ no dead spots)
  •   Cable Modem* (stop renting for $13/mo.)
  •   Internet Speed Required
  •   Learning Curve
  •   Which Option Is Best For You?
  • Outdoor/Attic HD Antenna Installed
  • $299
  • $0
  • $0
  • HD Antenna
  • N/A
  • Low
  • You only want local network TV & don’t need a grid TV Guide or DVR. You must live in a good location for HD antenna service. After paying a 1X fee you will never need to pay for TV again!
  • Streaming Media Player, Mesh WiFi Network & Modem*
  • $499
  • $129
  • $45 - $55
  • Streaming
  • 40 MBSP
  • Low - Medium
  • You if want a single TV Guide and DVR for both local network channels & cable channels, need great wi-fi coverage in every corner of your home & have at least 40 MBPS of internet speed. Also a great option for apartments or places that can't get HD Antenna reception.
  • HD Antenna, 1TB DVR* & All In 1 Streaming Media Player
  • $699
  • $129
  • $0 - $30 (flexible)
  • HD Antenna
  • Optional
  • + $299
  • + $99
  • 40 MBPS
  • Medium - High
  • This is the most robust & flexible solution. Unlike the Happy Streamer package, you can cancel/pair back streaming cable channels at any time and still have access to local network HD TV, guide & DVR via the installed HD antenna. You will always be able to record shows from ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS and the other local broadcast stations.


Extra Options:

$60     Antenna Install Add Ons (rarely needed) – Attic Install, New coax run inside home, amplifier, digital converter box installed, AVR integration, tile roof mount, grounding rod, Moca Adapter.  Minimum requirements for the HD Antenna to work-live Coax in the room (no Comcast modem in same room), original TV Remote & TV is less than 10 years old (digital TV tuner built in).

$99     Cable Modem Installed – Comcast only, stop paying $13 every month to rent your modem.  Included with Happy Streamer package!

$299   Mesh WiFi System Installed – Blanket your home with the best WiFi coverage, eliminate dead spots & streaming issues.  Already included with Happy Streamer package!

$99     Out Of Area Trip Charge – Only charged for installs out of the Denver Metro Area.

$99     Support Plan & Bill Negotiate – We don’t charge hundreds of dollars a month like Cable & Satellite, so we can’t offer support for free.  However, for a reasonable 1x $99 annual fee we do offer an incredible value, here’s what is included:

  • Bill Negotiate – We work with your current provider to drastically reduce your Internet only bill down to $40-$55 /mo. for Centurylink or $45-$65 /mo. for Comcast!

  • Phone & Email Support – We provide support for any hardware or software we installed (1 free hour per month limit).

  • In Home Support – Support for anything we installed (2 free hours per year limit, 1x $99 Trip Charge applies).

  • 20% Moving Discount – When we help you set up in a new location, we discount all of our services by 20%.

*1x $99 fee is auto billed annually and covers a full 12 months of support.


Other Details:

Tax is billed on the hardware in addition to the above prices.

HD Antenna Signal Guarantee is offered for most Denver Metro area residents on ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox!  Please ask before your install date if you qualify.

Warranty – Your satisfaction is our number one priority. That’s why we guarantee our installation & materials for one year.

Content – Everything we do including the content we help you access is 100% legal.  freeTVEE is not a content provider, so can not guarantee results.

Guarantee – We can guarantee that using freeTVEE will save you the most money, get you the easiest Cord Cutting setup & give you the best chance for success!


Our average customer saves $130 a month & has a 6 Month ROI!  How much can you save?