Save the most money every month guaranteed!

  • Cord Cutter 5 Year Savings on TV Services
  • Included Hardware
  • High Speed Internet for $45 - $65 per month
  • Local Network Channels (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC)
    ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, PBS and up to 60 more channels.
  • Basic Cable Channels (ESPN, HGTV, AMC, etc.)
  • Quick Access to Netflix, Prime, Pluto...
  • Expanded Cable Channels (Fox News, TLC, OWN...)
  • Premium Cable Channels (HBO, Showtime, etc.)
  • Searchable Grid TV Guide
  • DVR with Whole Home and Remote Access
  • Super Fast Wi-Fi with No Dead Spots
  • Cable Modem - Stop Renting, Start Saving
  • Each Additional TV Installed
  • Estimated Monthly Cost of TV Services After Install
  • Your 1x Cost to Finally be Free of Cable & Satellite TV
  • $5000 - $7000
  • Streaming Media Player, WiFi Mesh & Modem
  • Optional
  • $99
  • $45 - $55
  • $499
  • $6000 - $8000
  • HD Antenna, DVR & Streaming Media Player
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • $200-$275
  • $99
  • $99
  • $0 - $30 (flexible)
  • $599

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Extra Options:

$99     Cable Modem Installed (included with Happy Streamer) – Comcast only, stop paying $13 every month to rent your modem.  Included with Happy Streamer package!

$200-$275   Mesh WiFi System Installed (included with Happy Streamer) – Blanket your home with the best WiFi coverage, eliminate dead spots & streaming issues.  $200 = 2 pucks (small to medium size home) or $275 = 3 pucks (medium to large home).  Included with Happy Streamer package!

$69/hour    General Labor (included with all of our packages and everything on this page) – This fee only applies to things outside of the norm-complex AVR or remote controls, mounting TVs, etc.

$99     Out Of Area Trip Charge – Only charged for installs out of the Denver Metro Area.

$99     Bill Negotiate (Included 1x Free w/ ALL Packages!) – We work with your current internet provider to drastically reduce your Internet only bill down to $40-$50 per month!


Other Details:

Tax is billed on the hardware in addition to the above prices based off of your local State and City tax rates.

Warranty – Your satisfaction is our number one priority. That’s why we guarantee our installation & materials for one year.

Content – Everything we do including the content we help you access is 100% legal.  freeTVEE is not a content provider, so can not guarantee results.

Guarantee – We can guarantee that using freeTVEE will save you the most money, get you the easiest Cord Cutting setup & give you the best chance for success!


Our average customer saves $130 a month & has a 5 Month ROI!  How much can you save?

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