Smart Home Automation and Security

Make your life safer, easier and more enjoyable!

Home Security CameraIn the past, you had to hire an expensive custom installer plus be a tech nerd to create and use a Smart Home Automation System.

2015 offers a plethora of alternatives that allow you to leverage new Smart Home Automation technologies to help you save money and make your life more enjoyable. Most importantly, you can now customize your own easy to use Smart Home solution on your specific budget.

Smart Home Automation Options

Media Center PC

Organize your personal media!

Access it from anywhere!

Media Center PC Local TV and DVR

The Media Center PC is the Best Cord Cutting Home Entertainment hub available! Unlimited access to top network & cable shows, sports, news, movies & kids programming in 1080 HD. Most importantly, we offer the only fully integrated Cord Cutting option that is easy for anyone in the family to use. DVR, TV Guide, On Demand, TV Everywhere, Movies, Music, plus all your personal pictures & home videos are organized within one interface that is easily accessible with a single companion remote control for easy access to everything-from anywhere. This one Media Center box not only saves you money, it simplifies your life too!

HD Home Security Cameras

Monitor your home from anywhere!

For free!

Home Security Camera

HD Home Security cameras give you safety, security & SAVINGS. There is no need to pay $40-$60 every month to have someone “monitor” your home. New technologies allow you to secure your home with Cameras & Sensors that monitor your home & alert you whenever you choose. Keep in eye on the kids & even remotely lock & unlock the door for a contractor or delivery.

Do It Yourself Home Automation

Start Here for Ideas & Solutions

DIY-Do It Yourself!

If you have the time and tools to DIY, then here is the best place to start! Home security, home entertainment, networking, lights, energy efficiency, appliances, garage doors & even irrigation can all be conveniently accessed and controlled from your smartphone or tablet.