Cord Cutter BEST Media Center PC-TV Streaming & HD Antenna DVR

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Select an option for both Storage Drive & DVD Drive below (only #1 & #2 are required up front), then click the Add To Cart button. The TV Tuner, Remote & Keyboard options are show live on your install day & will be added to your bill.

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Use the chart at bottom of this page to help you choose the best storage drive size for all your media: recorded TV, movies, photos, home videos and music:

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Eliminate clutter & embrace simplicity w/ an integrated drive! Play all your movies on-demand using your remote–without switching TV inputs!

TV Tuner-watch/record 2 or 4 shows

Remote Control

Wireless Keyboard



To drop Pay TV and still be happy, we recognize that you need to have a solution that is complete yet simple – so that is what we created with the Cord Cutter Best Media Center PC/DVR! freeTVEE does this by building your customized Windows PC from scratch. This allows us to inexpensively build a PC/DVR that is quiet, powerful, efficient & most importantly made specifically for the purpose of being the BEST possible cable box replacement. ROBUST- We add in the best free HD TV content, software & apps plus give you unlimited access to your personal media & any content on any website-NO limitations. EASY TO USE – ONE User Interface and ONE companion Remote Control organizes everything in one place without ever switching inputs on your TV.

Check out everything that is included below for 1 low price that is less than you pay for 3 months of Cable & Satellite!


  • 3.2-4.2 ghz 3MB cache Intel processor w/ integrated HD graphics
  • Quiet & super fast SSD-Solid State Drive
  • HDMI, DVI or VGA
  • SPDIF Digital Optical
  • 7.1 HD audio
  • 4 USB 3.0 ports & 4 additional USB 2.0 ports
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • Gigabit LAN
  • Integrated AC WiFi
  • small @ 13.5″ x 10.5″ x 4″ case
  • 200 watt power supply
  • power cable included
  • 1 year manufacturer hardware warranty



  • Fully licensed and installed Windows 7 with Windows Media Center
  • Full web browser w/ the freedom to access any website & stream anything online
  • All of the best Cord Cutting TV & Home Entertainment Software & Apps-everything we have found over the last 5 years ready for you to enjoy
  • and that is better than Cable and Satellite
  • Use as a hub to save all your personal media & access it on any device from anywhere
  • Fully integrated one-touch access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Hulu, Sling.TV, HBO, Showtime, ESPN, etc. and more
  •  with brilliant artwork & metadata
  • Lots more free apps, software and upgrades that would take weeks to find on your own

How to Determine the Right DVR/Media Storage Drive Size for your DVR and Media Needs

How much media (recorded TV, movies, photos, home videos, music) do you need to store on your Media Center PC media hub? Make sure to account for how many personal DVD or Blu-Ray Movies you want to Rip to your Media Center PC and how many Movies/TV Shows you record on your Media Center PC's DVR that you want to keep. Here are drive size guidelines based on how much media you need to store. It is best to pick a larger size than you think you need, so you have room to grow.
Drive SizeNumber of
Number of
Hours of
1080 Video or
Recorded TV Shows
Number of
DVD Movies
Number of
Blu-Ray Movies
500 GB
(0.5 TB)
1 TB333,200320,0001,00025040
2 TB666,400640,0002,00050080
3 TB999,600960,0003,000750120
4 TB1,332,8001,280,0004,0001000160
6 TB1,999,2001,920,0006,0001500240

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  1. (verified owner)

    The new ordering tool was simple and straightforward to use. One decision at a time and recommendations along the way. Our HTPC ended up closer to $700 but is built with flexibility and future storage capacity in mind. Very powerful and still a good deal when compared to PC purchases that don’t have the HT features or remote.

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