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Get NFL Sunday Ticket online without DirecTV, Cable or Satellite-almost free!

Get NFL Sunday Ticket Online without DirecTV virtually for free & most importantly you do NOT need any monthly Cable or Satellite subscription! Sounds too good to be true, but I bought this myself and just tested it on several computers & my cell phone and it works! This is 100% legal-you do NOT need to have a monthly DirecTV subscription (or any Pay TV provider) nor do you need to drop an additional $300 (normal add on cost to get NFL Sunday Ticket Max). Just follow this link (click on the tan “shop now” button across from Barry Sanders) and purchase Madden NFL 25th Anniversary with NFL Sunday Ticket Max on It doesn’t matter whether you have a gaming system or not. Inside the game comes a little sheet of paper (on the right) with your User ID & Password plus instructions on where to go and how to login (it’s plays a short NFL video once you successfully login). I even left the game box sealed and grabbed the sheet with the codes from the inside by slightly pulling it apart. Since the game is good as new, you can sell it back (minus the NFL offer) and recoup almost all of the money you just spent to buy it-$100 for the Anniversary minus $60 for the Standard=only $40 for NFL Sunday Ticket Online without DirecTV. Heck even if you pay for DirecTV every month this is still the cheapest way to get NFL Sunday Ticket Max. Seems like a good option if you are involved in the TWC/CBS blackout and can’t get CBS. Please realize that without DirecTV this only works on computer, tablet or phone. Don’t let that discourage you though since we can help you utilize several methods to get this content from your computer to your big screen TV. Not very glamorous but you can buy a cheap $5 HDMI cable , use Google’s new $35 Chromecast Device, or for the easiest solution get a HTPC. It also has the normal restrictions such as local blackouts. Once again, no big deal since freeTVEE helps you hook up an OTA Antenna so you can get your local NFL games in top quality High Definition for FREE (this also gets you better quality HD than what your Pay TV provider charges you for). This little tidbit comes from the FAQ on the Amazon Product Page:

Do I need a DirecTV subscription to access NFL Sunday Ticket Online? No, it’s not necessary to have a DirecTV subscription. Each Anniversary Edition includes a code that can be redeemed to access the full 2013 regular season (17 weeks) of NFL Sunday Ticket on computer, tablet, and mobile devices.

Seems like DirecTV wants to keep this a secret since it isn’t really publicized anywhere.  Maybe they don’t want to piss off their existing customers that pay over $100 every month for TV plus $300 extra for NFL Sunday Ticket Max or maybe they don’t want to upset the networks? Either way, we didn’t have the budget to hire the Manning brothers to rap F.O.Y.P. (football on your phone), so this blog post will have to do… You can quickly click below to share this post with friends and family, and don’t forget to “Subscribe & Connect” with freeTVEE for the latest on how this works & any other future finds in the world of free TV & electronics! I have no reason to believe this will not work come game time since it specifically states on the website that you do NOT need to have DirecTV, but I will be testing this out & will update this blog post on Friday 8/30 (after the cell phone/tablet preseason test run), & Sunday 9/8 (start of the NFL season) to let everyone know how it goes. Also, check back on our website as we are in the middle of a major redesign:
We are in the 2nd phase of a major website redesign & are focusing on being a top resource to help consumers get TV for free! There are lots of new technologies that make dropping Pay TV easier & better than ever. Our desire is to help you make the right decisions (for your specific situation), & make your transition to Free TV painless. Phase 2 will be completed in Q4 of 2013 & include simplified navigation, Demo Videos, specialized DIY sections, hardware/software/electronics comparison charts, plus new & improved Internet Streaming Links sections!
UPDATE 8/30-Streamed a few games on the 4G network from my smartphone last night and everything worked ok. I was able to login to the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket App and choose whatever game I wanted to watch, just like you would expect-F.O.Y.P! For only $40, I am more than happy with this purchase. I will post another update here on 9/8 after logging into the online version as well.

UPDATE 9/8-Streamed like a gem today and looked just fine on the 65″ HDTV connected to the Home Theater PC! I would say the HD quality is not quite as good as the 1080 HD from my OTA antenna when watching local NFL games-this is still the best way to watch your local NFL team live in High Definition. The NFL Red Zone internet stream hooked to my big screen was still pretty impressive, in HD & looked great-probably just as good as if you payed for DirecTV and watched it in HD on your TV directly. Login was as expected, through the normal DirecTV online customer interface-even though I am obviously not a customer… ;-)  The Red Zone Channel is awesome, the User Interface worked well to easily switch between games, and I didn’t really have any buffering all day. Over all I am very happy with my streaming experience and think this NFL Sunday Ticket & Red Zone deal is the best one I have ever seen. I basically got it almost free after selling the game itself back, and I never paid a dime to DirecTV!

UPDATE 9/8-It appears this awesome deal has sold out on Amazon (unless they get more)-I did see a few filter over on Amazon under the Standard edition as used. I did also see several Anniversary editions on Ebay too. If all else fails I would just sign up for NFL Game Rewind for only $40, which gets you access to all of the games (including Thursday, Sunday & Monday night games), after they air. If you are out of the United States sign up for, NFL Game Pass for live online access to all NFL games. There is also a 100% FREE NFL Fantasy Football offer here or a deal for only $4 to stream the rest of the MLB season onlineIf anyone else has found a good way to get NFL games please leave a comment so we can update this post!

UPDATE 9/23-Amazon has the Madden game/NFL Sunday Ticket/Red Zone Deal again!!! It now says “In stock on 9/29″, so we are back in business, but who knows for how long-it does seem to switch back and forth between Unavailable & In Stock… I have been using this every weekend now for the last 3 weeks and love it. It is full access via DirecTV’s UI to Sunday Ticket and Red Zone, even though you do NOT need to be a DTV customer.

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7 Responses to Get NFL Sunday Ticket online without DirecTV, Cable or Satellite-almost free!

  1. jkraftchick August 29, 2013 at 6:00 pm #

    Hey Brian,

    Where did you sell the game once you got the code? I’m purchasing it now!

    • freetvEE August 30, 2013 at 12:15 am #

      I just put it up for sale on Amazon-under the standard edition, and explained that it was the Anniversary w/o the NFL Sunday Ticket. Amazon has a little button in the top right corner under the prices that say “have one to sell?”, but not under the Anniversary Edition-I think because it’s a limited offer or they don’t want people buying 10 and selling them for $200 each… I am not a gamer, so not sure but some local gaming stores would work too I am sure or even Ebay.

  2. LoveFantasyFootball September 8, 2013 at 4:34 pm #

    Don’t know if this is issue for people who got the Madden 25 but I was somewhat concerned… they keep noting that the streaming is a first week trial for Sunday Ticket holders and that streaming online is only available to Sunday Ticket MAX holders. Based upon how my account looks, I seem to have a 17 week free trial of the regular Sunday Ticket and not MAX. Let me know if this differs for anybody else.

    • freetvEE September 8, 2013 at 6:57 pm #

      I didn’t get any of those notifications… When and where were you receiving those? Pretty sure Maxx is just for paying DTV subscribers of the regular NFL Sunday Ticket as a paid add on for online, tablet & cell phone access.

  3. Ben Hamilton September 8, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    “Currently unavailable” @

    • freetvEE September 8, 2013 at 6:52 pm #

      Updated the bottom of the post with other options to get NFL Sunday Ticket, thanks for the heads up!

      • freetvEE September 23, 2013 at 11:48 am #

        Amazon has the Madden game/NFL Sunday Ticket/Red Zone Deal again-it now says “In stock on 9/29″!

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