Our average customer saves $130 a month & has a 7 Month ROI!  How much can you save?

Outdoor HD Antenna    $239

  • Antennas Direct C2V Long Range HD Antenna
  • J Mount
  • 1 TV scan & setup
  • Outdoor coax cable run
  • Splitter
  • Ground block
  • Demo
  • Online support guide

* Additional cost (if needed): New coax jacks, amplifier, digital converter, TV remote

Extra TV Scan and Setup (with existing coax jack)    $25

Attic/crawl space install/fish/install     $79

Install New Outlet/Move Cable Modem     $79

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TiVo 1TB OTA DVR or Tablo Network DVR with 1TB HD      $469

  • 1 TB storage
  • 4 tuners
  • HDMI, Ethernet & Coax Cables
  • Setup on antenna & network
  • Channel Scan & Ease of Use setup
  • Full Demo
  • Online support guide

* TiVo has no monthly rate. You can purchase Tablo lifetime or any other guide subscription plan: Tablo TV Guide Data Subscriptions

TiVo Mini (using existing Cat5 wiring)     $199

  • Whole Home DVR 2nd Location Shared w/ Main DVR
  • HDMI, Ethernet & Coax Cables
  • Setup on antenna & network
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Roku Installed    $99

  • Roku Stick or Roku Express +
  • Hook to network
  • Setup of 3 apps
  • Demo
  • Online support guide.

* Additional cost-Upgraded Roku or SMP, HDMI extender or WiFi fixes.

Additional Roku Installed    $69

  • Roku Stick or Roku Express +
  • Hook to network
  • Setup of 3 apps
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Modem Installed    $99

  • Docsis 3.0 Modem
  • Wiring
  • Provisioning
  • Initial call to Comcast or CenturyLink
  • Online support guide

* Initial setup only, no future support is included unless you subscribe to one of our Support Plans

WiFi Router Installed      $169

  • Dual Band AC Long Range Wifi Router
  • Setup WiFi
  • Test signal
  • Test streaming
  • Login to 3 devices
  • Online support guide

* Additional cost-More powerful router, more Wifi mesh adapters, new/rewire outlet, new cat5 run, troubleshooting devices.

Install New Outlet/move Cable modem     $79

Rewire Existing Outlet    $9

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Internet Only Bill Negotiate    $69

Call to provider to drastically reduce your internet only bill down to $20-$40 /mo. for Centurylink or $40-$60 /mo. for Comcast.

* Included for FREE with any of our Support Plans.

Ooma Home Phone Installed    $149

  • Ooma Phone Box
  • All basic wiring

* Initial install only, use your existing phones, keep same # for 1x $40 port fee, new outlet is extra

Learn about Ooma phone service.

TV Mount Installed < 49 inch    $199

  • Tilt mount
  • Basic fishing-up to 3 Wires
  • 2 wall plates

*Normal drywall or wood mount only.  Additional cost for tilt & swivel mount ($50) or 2nd installer.

Mount TV  > 49 inch    $269

  • Tilt mount
  • Basic fishing-up to 3 wires
  • 2 wall plates

* Normal drywall or wood mount only.  Additional cost for tilt & swivel mount ($50), TVs above 70″ or 2nd installer.

Sonos Wireless Audio Installed     $59/Hour No Trip Charge!

We plan, purchase & install Sonos wireless speakers.  All Sonos orders over $1000 have no trip charge!  Learn about Sonos Wireless Home Audio

Recommended TVs      FREE!

Click here to see our recommended TVs.

Phone Consultation     $39/hour

Initial Phone Consultation is FREE!

In Home Consultation/Installation     $59/hour


In Person Support     $59/hour

1x $60 trip charge plus 2 hour minimum

* discounted with any of our Support Plans.

Optional Support Plans    $ Varies

See our Support Plan details and options.

Custom Consultation & Installation      $ Varies

New construction, businesses, multi unit installs, etc.

* Hourly rate varies by type of job

ALL PRICES INCLUDE INSTALLATION (Sales tax extra).  freeTVEE does NOT charge ANY monthly rate!

Trip Charge      $60

Save $20 off of the trip charge for each additional Service installed during the same trip or install 4+ Services & your Trip Charge is FREE!.

* Non refundable. Outside of the Denver Metro area we charge 2x the standard trip charge.


Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority. That’s why we guarantee our installation & materials for one year.

Antenna Signal Guarantee

For most Denver Metro area residents, we are able to offer a signal guarantee on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox!

Installing Your Devices

If you have purchased your own devices, we can set them up for a 1x installation fee of $99. Some devices may require additional charges for time or materials.

You can also email us at [email protected] or call 303 452-5254.