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Who we are

freeTVEE logo is your professional Cord Cutting TV and Telecom Consultant, Integrator and Installer. This means you’re not just hiring an installer, you are getting a cord cutting expert that will help you save money and get the best cord cutting service that fits your needs.

We are a top Cord Cutting resource that helps you find the BEST free and legal alternative to dump your Cable and Satellite service, yet still get everything you want out of your TV, Telecom and Home Entertainment setup. We also provide many other Consulting & Installation Services for Telecom and Electronics covering everything Free TV to Internet Streaming, TV to PC, Hardware to Software or Home Theater to Home Security & Automation.

Why choose us

  • All of our solutions are legal, top quality, flexible, easy-to-use and FREE – no monthly rate ever! Save over $1500 every year!  Don’t be fooled by your Pay TV provider’s “discounted bundle” or short term promotion with a long term contract.
  • We can help you save money and get the best service on all of your TV, Phone, Internet, Home Entertainment and Home Security services!
  • We can clear up your Cord Cutting Confusion, since we have been helping people Cut The Cord longer than anyone else!
  • We offer the best Cord Cutting Cable box replacement available.
  • Get great customer service, from real live people that care!

Our experience

Telecom & Electronics Consulting: 25+ years
Home Theater: 13 years
Computer & Home Networking: 10 years
Cord Cutting Consulting: 8 years
Antenna Installation: 6 years

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Our Home Products and Services

Money saving solutions for families!

Get exactly what you want and never see a monthly Cable or Satellite bill again!

FreeTVEE provides TV and Entertainment Solutions that are 100% legal and FREE forever ($0 a month)  –  no matter which solution you choose!

Cord Cutter BEST

Media Center PC

Our Most Popular Cord Cutting Solution!

You can pay $200 a month and still not get everything you want with Cable & Satellite. FreeTVEE’s Cord Cutter BEST solution provides the best cord-cutting option to get everything you want integrated in an easy to use fashion. The Pay TV monopoly is no longer the only option in town!

Cord Cutter BASIC

HD TV Antenna

Are you paying way too much money every month, when you barely watch TV? Want your Top Network Shows live, including local Sports & News? FreeTVEE’s Cord Cutter BASIC solution gives you better quality 1080 High Definition TV, with over 30 channels that are 100% free forever!

Cord Cutter Consultation

Save your Time, Money & Sanity!

Want to Cut the Cord with your Cable or Satellite company, but have no idea where to start? Confused by the overwhelming amount of Cord Cutting options available? Not sure if the shows you want are available or how to easily access them without Pay TV? You can waste A LOT of time and money trying to do it yourself, or you can work with an expert to find the best Cord Cutting option that fits your specific needs.

Home Entertainment Center Setup

Economical Custom Design & Installation

Are you looking for an economical, easy-to-use solution that brings together your TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, family photos, home movies, DVD collection, Audio Video Receiver, Home Theater and Surround Sound in an integrated and easy-to-use fashion? After shopping around way too long, does it seem like all other options are high-end and very expensive?  For a fraction of the cost, freeTVEE will design and install a custom solution for your home that integrates all of your home entertainment components in an incredibly easy-to-use manner.

Computers & Home Networking

We are experts in computers and home networking

Do computers, hard drives, hardware, software, modems & wireless routers make you cringe? freeTVEE will take care of everything, so you can enjoy all your stuff without having to figure out all of the intricate details of how they work. Stop paying your internet provider $70-$100 every year to rent a modem, we can help you get a better modem setup in no time.

Home Security & Home Automation

Safety & convenience without breaking the bank!

Looking for safety and convenience without breaking the bank? We offer installation and advice for DIY or Self Monitored systems that all have no monthly rate ever!

Telecommunications & Electronics Consulting

You have problems? We have answers!

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and there are lot’s of great products & services on the market. Unfortunately this creates compatibility issues & general confusion. freetvEE is here to help you get the most out of your Electronics & Telecom Services!

FREE Deal Finder

Free expert buying advice

Most consumers buy major electronics online due to cheaper prices, more selection, or not having to deal with crowds and pushy sales people. The only problem with buying online is making sure you get the right product that fits your needs, at the best price… Think of the Deal Finder as an expert online service person to help you purchase the right product at the lowest price.

Telecom Bill Review

Our average customer saves over $100 every month!

Get expert advice, from someone with over 15 years in the telecommunication industry, on how to save money on all of your TV, Phone & Internet bills.

Cord Cutter Do It Yourself

Cord Cutter Do It Yourself

If you have the Time, the right Tools, and you are Techy the Cord Cutter DIY might be the option for you.

Free Phone Service

Home Phone – Video Calls – Mobile

Want to save money on your home phone and mobile phone service, without sacrificing quality and features? When you call us at freeTVEE logo, you will actually be experiencing the call quality of the phone service we recommend, because we use the same service we recommend!  Stop paying for your home phone service and get feature-packed, quality home phone service now!  Check out our video call and mobile phone solutions, too.

A freeTVEE Media Center PC is your Complete, Easy-To-Use Cord Cutting Cable Box Replacement!

All freeTVEE Media Center Features have NO Monthly Rate Ever!

Click any feature below to view a slideshow and description of that feature

  • Internet TV

    NO LIMITS-A FULL web browser lets you stream anything from ANY website, plus we also included easy access to over 100 of the most popular online streaming sites via quick click Apps!

  • Easy To Use

    One easy to use Remote Control with built in Mouse & OS Keyboard, acts as the perfect companion for the robust & intuitive homepage User Interface-offering quick one touch access to anything!

  • Movies

    Effortlessly watch your DVDs & Blu-rays, plus stream Movies from ALL of your favorite sites (including Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Vudu, etc.) without ever switching TV Inputs or Remote Controls!

  • Music

    All your favorites, mp3’s or online streaming – including Pandora & Spotify!

  • Pictures

    Easy access to all your digital pictures including personalized slideshows!

  • Videos

    Share your home videos with friends and family on your big screen TV!

What Our Customers Say

Why pay Cable & Satellite $1000’s every year, to be treated horribly?!? Pay TV providers like Comcast, DirecTV & Dish only care about taking your hard earned money & have the worst customer service record in ANY industry (see their 1 star ratings here).

Switch to freeTVEE now to stop the abusive cycle! Get the best TV service & customer service for free!

I have a better system (than Pay TV) and I don’t pay a monthly fee. I record whatever TV I want and skip the commercials, they also set up easy access to my pictures and music. The system is very simple to use, Brian is very knowledgeable & has great customer service.

Paid my last cable bill ever last week, all thanks to freeTVEE. Didn’t know quite what I was getting into at first, and Brian helped me – from two time zones away – with every single step. He built me a custom HTPC and led me from shipped box on my doorstep to connected HTPC.

Wow!  We are so excited to have found FreeTVEE. We are saving a boatload of money over cable and direct TV. In fact once your system is in, there are NO monthly fees. We are watching our favorite shows, including HGTV and my husband is getting the football games he loves to watch. Thanks, Brian. This is all you said it would be and more!  We are recommending you to all our friends.

I’ve had the freeTVEE for 4 months now and watching TV on this thing is fantastic. I’ve looked at buying Smart TV’s, but nothing compares to a freeTVEE HTPC – for a fraction of the price.

Brian did an fantastic job! I am now enjoying free TV. Cable TV has become so expensive that I could not afford it and thought I would have to go without my favorite pastime until my family told me about freeTVEE!

It is a pleasure working with Brian at freeTVEE. I highly recommend freeTVEE – they are professional and responsive.

I tried a Channel Master DVR+ to start and it didn’t work, returned it & switched over to 2 freeTVEE Media Center PCs and not only is it much better in every respect but it works great for the entire family! I highly recommend the freeTVEE Multi-media PC as an excellent choice to replace your existing cable or satellite service provider.

We have had our freeTVEE system for 6 months & have never been more satisfied with our home entertainment options. freeTVEE offers a full suite of services including installation and mapping your network devices. My wife and I both agree that this was money well spent, and highly recommend that people who want to un-tether themselves from the shackles of cable and satellite to call freeTVEE!

At freeTVEE, we treat our customers like gold — and it shows in all the 5 Star reviews from our customers!

You will see only positive freeTVEE reviews on all the top review sites. This is because we truly care about our customers. We work with them to save money & get the best Cord Cutting solution that fits their specific TV & Home Entertainment needs.

It’s time to break up with your abusive and uncaring TV service provider!